Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Real College Dilemma

Facebook, you have upset me. What with your decision to show me posts of people talking about college, and how excited they are, and OH LOOK, I DON'T LIVE AT HOME ANYMORE comments. It's very rude. As we all know that I'm not getting to leave home, nor am I excited.

Community college does not feel like college. True, I haven't gone to my first class yet (that's tomorrow). But staying at home and going to class in the morning isn't very much the same in my mind as going off to a real campus, living with strangers, and going to class at varying times of the day. I'll still have to do chores, and listen to my parents comment on my decisions. All in all, not very college-like.

And yet. There is still the fact that, should I get some scholarship money, next year I will transfer to a big-kid college. I will get to pack my bags and make my mother cry because her baby is leaving. It will be wonderful and fulfilling, and no longer will I have to listen to, "You need to do this and this and this."

So I will put forth a valiant effort in community college. I will be the best in the class (though hopefully without studying much). And maybe, just maybe, I'll be proven wrong. Perhaps my arrogance regarding this part of my life will be totally unfounded.

Psh. As if.