Thursday, February 14, 2013


I'm becoming gooier, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Well, those of you who actually read my posts, anyway. In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I'd post. Sorry I haven't in such a long time, but there really hasn't been anything to talk about lately. My weeks are pretty much exactly the same all the time.

However, back to what I said in my first sentence.

Having a boyfriend is a bit... different this time around. Perhaps because I actually have real feelings for him this time.

As you all know by now, I'm not the biggest fan of romance or anything. Unlike most girls, I don't swoon over romance novels or think kissing in the rain is super cute. It's just wet. When a guy says something vaguely sweet or romantic, I make a face and gag a little.

Or, at least, I used to.

Now... well, I still cringe at the sweeter things Daniel may happen to say to me (although he usually apologizes in advance, so it's okay), but I certainly get more giddy about it than anything else. Unless he's being intentionally gross (with OMG I LUV U BABY I LUV YOU 5EVER XOXO), I find myself... I don't know, liking the nice things he says.

Is this a big deal? Maybe not. But while I like the things he says, I'm not sure that I like that I like them. You know? For most of my life, I've been skeptical of romance and all things gushy. I still am. But it was a matter of pride for me that I could sit back and say, "Oh, yes, if a guy ever said that to me I would laugh in his face."

Now... depending on what was said, I might not.

I mean, if he came up to me tomorrow and declared undying love for me and proposed or something, I would definitely laugh in his face. But that's extreme, and deserves such a reaction.

For something a bit more normal, I just might blush.

Yeah, you read that right. I might blush.

Shut up.