Monday, December 12, 2011

Get Me a Present. Now.

Christmas approaches! If you don't celebrate Christmas, then whatever holiday you DO celebrate this December approaches! Yay!

In unrelated news, I've begun training for Warrior Dash in May. Thankfully the training fits in perfectly with my Survivor training, so it's not even like I have to change anything!

But back to Christmas. I've actually started getting presents for people this year, beyond just baking cookies. I'm still baking cookies, but now there are actual GIFTS involved! All of my friends are going to be so surprised. Of course, I've only gotten one thus far, but that's beside the point.

I've created a list of things I want, so any of you who want to get me a present, here you go. Maybe you could all collaborate so that I don't get the same thing twice. That can get pretty awkward.

1) Injinji toe socks

2) A laptop

3) Silver nailpolish

4) iTunes giftcards

5) Tracphone minutes

6) A jaguar cub

7) A male rottweiler puppy

8) A blanket

9) A million dollars

10) Something awesome

It's a pretty easy list. If you feel the need to get me two things off it, go right on ahead. I won't think you're being silly.