Monday, January 23, 2012

1005 Page Views, I'm Proud of Y'all!

We have surpassed 1000 page views! YAY!

Gail is still in the computer hospital. She'll hopefully be home again by Wednesday or Thursday, but no matter when she returns I shall post a victory post.

So, I've got a horrendous, awful crush on a boy at my church. His name is Alex, and he's tall, blonde, broad, and all around attractive. He's very shy, but talks to me more than pretty much anyone else there, and surprisingly sarcastic and clever. The problem: he's three years younger than I, which would make him, for those of you bad at math, sixteen.

I'm being awful and flirting with him outrageously so that he won't think about going out with a girl who isn't as wonderful as I am. You see, I'm terribly jealous of him and don't want anyone else stealing him away. I know it's wrong. That doesn't stop me. It should. But alas, my self-control has always been lacking.

In other news, my self-defense class is awesome and lets me kick ass.

Not much else has happened. Things are slow right now in the Life of Hattie.