Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Writing, Running, and LOOK GAIL IS ALIVE!

Gail is fixed! I picked her up Monday afternoon and hooked her up. I would've posted yesterday, but I got distracted by Law and Order: SVU.

This now means that I can find a new route for running. The route I'm currently taking is like 2.36 miles. If I want to be ready for Warrior Dash, I need to start going farther. Luckily I found a route that's 3.65 which is daunting but necessary. Next Monday I will put on my game face and attempt to conquer the awful route.

Here in Virginia the weather is acting super wonky. Today it's in the forties. Tomorrow it will be in the sixties. It's wreaking havoc on my vocal chords, which is unfortunate for those who have to hear me sing. After a bit, my voice is fine, though. But those first few minutes... awful.


I entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. I'm hoping to at least make it past the first round, although I'd love to win the whole thing. I'd get $15,000 and a publishing contract with Penguin! And if I make it far enough before losing, I could get an agent! It's all so exciting.

If I get far enough, I'll be sure to tell all of you that it's time for you to vote for my novel. That's not til the very end, though.