Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ah, the New Year. Thus Far: Suckish.

You all know that I was sick on New Year's Eve. Things aren't looking up, though I am healthy once more.

My computer, Gail, has died. She just... died. I'm not sure how else to put it. She'd been giving us trouble for quite some time, and finally she just wouldn't turn on. This meant that I had to take her to the computer hospital so that she could hopefully get diagnosed. They haven't called us yet to let us know how much it would be to fix her. I hope it isn't much, because otherwise we have to get a new computer and I don't want to have to name yet another.

School has started, and it's boring as hell. Which probably isn't boring, but you know what I mean. Macro economics is the worst. I spent all bell writing a scene for my 12 novel series. The class is huge and I seriously doubt anyone in there has an IQ over 70. Only one thing keeps it from pure horror: the teacher is from Kenya. While the others struggle to understand her accent, I'm fine because of my brief stint in Tanzania when I was fifteen.

My other classes are... okay. Biology lab is awful, but for lecture I have a teacher that I had in seventh grade. He used to call me "The Bottomless Pit" because I could eat more pizza than anyone else in the class, except for Matt Turley. We usually tied, mostly because we ran out of pizza before we were full.

I haven't been to chemistry lab, but I have the same teacher I had for chemistry last semester, so it should be relatively easy. My lecture professor is pretty cool, but I feel like I'm the smartest one in the class, which is odd because I'm not that great at chemistry. It's far too much like math. And yet, I'm the only one answering his questions with any degree of competency. Ah well. It IS a community college.

The one class I'm really looking forward to isn't until tomorrow, aka Thursday. That's self-defense, and I'm super excited to kick some ass for a grade. I really, really hope that's what the class entails, and doesn't have any written work or anything stupid like that. While I love reading and writing and all that jazz, I want to punch someone in the face.

As for my love life, it's rather dull. Well, to me. I went on a date last week, but the guy wasn't great or anything. Fun enough that I don't want to stab him, but not anyone I can see myself dating seriously. He hasn't texted me since a few days after the date, but I'm not particularly worried. I don't even care, actually. He's a bowler. Enough said.

Oh, I think my manager might be into me. I mean, I always thought he might find me attractive or whatever, but lately it seems like it's more than that. He looks at me like I'm the greatest thing in existence, and while I am, it's a little disconcerting to see. Plus, we've been texting a bit, and I think he's telling me things he doesn't share with other people, especially not our coworkers. I'm not too sure how I feel about this. He's attractive in a strange way, but I certainly can't imagine actually, you know, going out with him or even having a fling. It's just too weird.

That internet guy, Matt, is writing a song for/about me. Kinda weird, very flattering, and more than a little interesting to hear.

But on the whole, I haven't met a single guy I'd want to seriously date. I'm left pining after lost loves, or whatever you want to call them. Guys that I wish I could date but would never actually get the chance to. You know the kind. I'm seriously hoping to meet a guy in my self-defense course or something, but it doesn't seem likely.

That's all for now. Hopefully I won't have to post these things from a library computer for much longer.