Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pottermore: Kinda Awesome, and Kinda Boring. All at the Same Time.

That's right, I've joined Pottermore. Almost Boyfriend sent me a text Sunnday night saying that he'd gotten in, and was a Gryffindor. No wonder we didn't work out. Anyway. I joined Monday, aka yesterday. My username on there is FangSickle20464 if you want to add me. And you should. Right now I have a few friends, of whom I know ONE.

It's very obvious that Pottermore is a beta site. While it looks fantastic (like, seriously, the graphics and such are phenomenal), it freezes up quite a bit, and you have to click five billion times before anything happens. I just exit the screen and go right back, because that seems to work.

You have to go through every chapter of the first book, which means you don't get sorted or given a wand for quite a bit, depending on how often it freezes for you. Plus, getting your confirmation email takes ages too, because everyone and their mom is signing up for Pottermore.

However, once you get through, it's quite fun. You get quizzed on things while Ollivander picks out your wand, which is cool. I got an alder wand (not to be confused with elder), unicorn hair core, eleven inches, and slightly springy. I love it. I've named him Raphael. You also have to pick a pet. I picked a black cat, and named him Occido. Like in the books, toads don't seem very popular.

For the Sorting Hat, you're faced with a bunch of questions, most of which don't seem to make any sense as to your character. This is the most nerve-wracking time for most joiners - everyone has a house they thought they'd be in, and yet they got sorted in a different one. I was so worried about not being a Slytherin that I vowed to not play if I wasn't one. Luckily, I got sorted into the correct house :) Did you know that Merlin himself was a Slytherin? I didn't think so. Take that, haters.

Once you've gone through all the chapters and collected all the stuff lying around, there's not a whole lot to do. The other books aren't open yet, so you have to stay in book one and just run around the different chapters hoping to find something you missed. The only other way to get house points is to have a wizard duel with one of the other houses (I'm just practicing at the moment. There's no need to get overzealous and end up giving another house some points), or make potions. Making potions is a touch more difficult than it seems, but not too hard. The worst part is waiting for the potions to brew. If you don't have a fast brewing cauldron, you have to wait nearly an hour for some potions to brew. I'm hesitant to spend my money on another cauldron when the one I have works just fine, so I'm bound to sit around waiting for the rest of my life.

So yeah. Pottermore is kinda awesome when you first start playing, aside from the freezing. Once you're done with the first book, though... it's kinda boring.