Monday, April 9, 2012

I Know I've Been Neglecting You and I'm Sorry

I've just been SUPER busy lately and every time I come on here to check stats I get this guilty feeling that makes me feel awful because I haven't posted and it's just so sad that I want to vomit. Although that might be the chocolate pie drowned in whipped cream I just ate talking.

So, you ask, what have I been busy with? Let's see. Work. Lots and lots of work. And class. And this weekend I had to help clean the house for Easter and it took forever because my mother is never happy with what's been done and needs more done all the way to the hour before everyone gets here.

I've also been writing a lot, which is nice. I'm about 25 pages into a new novel, which isn't really new because it's a revamped version of a previous novel attempt that I got about 40,000 words into before it stopped working even though I loved the characters and knew where it was going. So I've still got the same characters and basic idea, it's just... different. If any of you know anything about how military schools are run, I'd love some info.

For Easter, I got some lovely gifts. Four different things of nailpolish, all of which are gorgeous and I love them. I also got Tangled on DVD, and I'm super excited even though I don't understand how it's only the hair on her head that's magic and not every hair on her body and why couldn't she have just cut most of her hair and left a single magic strand for emergencies? Anyway. I also got candy, which makes me happy because candy is delicious.

I can't really focus right now, so I'll post something better later when I'm not hyped up on sugar.