Thursday, May 24, 2012

An Update in the Life of Hattie

Okay. So y'all know about Warrior Dash and all the other stuffs I've posted about. This is just a general little update, because I'm way too lazy to write a REAL blogpost, especially when I have to write actual novels and such.

I have to get the oil changed in my car. Apparently the little sticker thing at the top fell, so I've gone like six months without getting it changed. Which is far too long, according to my parents. So I'm doing that at some point today.

Last night, I had a really excellent bout of writing after a scare. You see, my writing computer (not this one I'm on now; the one in my room has no Internet, so there's less chance of distraction) is old. Very, very old. Like, we've had it since I was three or so. I love it to death (named her Penelope), especially the keyboard. It's an old one, with great, clacking keys (even though it's supposedly a "QuietKey" model, haha) that make me feel productive.

So yeah, this computer sits on a big container thing holding all my VHS movies. I type from my bed, which is centered in the middle of the room. Well, my mouse has a tendancy to fall off my bed. When this happened as I was grabbing a notebook that had some of my thoughts in it, some sort of wizardry happened, and the computer screen went dark. Not off - dark. The blinky green light was still on. I screeched (I'd started typing, my story was open when this happened, what if I lost EVERYTHING), and ran around checking wire connections and all that. Nothing.

Then the computer restarted. Which takes FOREVER. I mean, remember, this is a 16yo computer (possibly older, because my momma's work had been giving their old ones away and that's how we got it). There's a reason I don't log off or shut down. It takes too damn long to start everything back up!

I ended up losing the two new sentences I had typed. That wasn't too bad, I could live with that. I ended up with about ten more pages by the time I stopped last night. I'm pretty happy. But I have decided to never ever let my mouse fall ever again.

Other things in the life of Hattie: I went to Busch Gardens last night. For any who might not know, it's an amusement park with rollercoasters and stuff. My friend Carter works there, and they were having a thing where you could ride Verbolten (the new rollercoaster) and Mach Tower (a drop tower they got last year) for free, and get some munchies. He could bring one guest, and he picked me!

I'm friends with that guy again, the one I fooled around with and then he was stupid. He hates how stubborn I am, and I hate how he never says how he feels and instead just gives me the silent treatment like a middle school girl. But we're friends. We've been meaning to hang out again, so I can show him The Walking Dead and he can bring me banana popsicles. He also seems to think that we'd fool around, but I doubt we would. That would take a hell of a lot of banana popsicles.

Uhm, that's pretty much it. I'm trying to cut down on eating so much, because I want to be fit. There's another Warrior Dash in September, so I'm totally doing it.