Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Remember that confusion and such I told y'all about in my last blog post? (And yes, you ARE getting two posts in one week, you lucky ducks!) IT'S ONLY GOTTEN WORSE.

Oh, you'd like details, would you? You nosy little buggers. Okay. Well.

Last night, I went to Patrick's house straight from work. This meant that I was in a spandex mini-skirt (it's much less hooker/strippery than it sounds, I swear. It's not that mini) and a tight, red tank top (once again, it sounds so much worse typed out... of course, at work, I have an over-shirt that has the company's logo, so I simply removed that). As the skirt had generated a lot of comments at work, I figured it probably would at Dungeons and Dragons as well.

But we'll get to that later. We're going in chronological order here, guys.

So Patrick and I vlogged, and Daniel arrived shortly thereafter. He said nothing about the skirt, thank goodness. We all went to dinner, and sat at the biggest table (it was a Tuesday night, they were dead. So we weren't being rude). Daniel barely ate, but Patrick and I showed off our impressive ability to eat enough for a small army.

When we got back to the apartment, we still had time before the rest of the group arrived. We played Rock Band. Before we started, while Patrick was in the bathroom, I was readjusting my bobby pins because they had gotten loose. Daniel looked at me and said, "What are you doing?" I told him, and he said, "Well, I think you should just leave them out."

Of course, I gave him an incredulous look because my hair is unruly and bobby pins keep it from turning into a giant mass of tangles and curls. So, sensibly, I asked, "Why?"

He got all flustered and ended up basically saying that he liked the way my hair fell when it was loose.

Now, I don't know about y'all, but that seems to me like a bit of an admission to attraction. Unless I've ASKED the guy for his opinion, I've never had one that wasn't interested in me tell me what he thought about my hair.

But let's move on, shall we?

So Kevin and Sam arrive, but we were still waiting on Brandon. We put up Rock Band, and I sat on one end of the couch. Kevin sat on the other end. For a while, Daniel just sort of stood, glancing at the spot left on the couch, as if debating. Then, he took the plunge, and sat down between us. And when I say that, I mean that he sat almost on top of me, like, I had to lean away so that we weren't touching.

When he first sat down, he put his arms around both Kevin and me, not touching, but still. I, being the person that I am, looked at him with all WTF I possess. Though he removed his arm, he did not move away from me. For about ten minutes, I leaned away because I'm not a big fan of being that close to someone when there's no... you know... gratification from it. (Although I mean that in a friendly way, not even necessarily a sexual way.) But then I gave up, because maybe he would realize how damn close he sat if I didn't try to make it less awkward.

It didn't work. It wasn't until Patrick pointed it out that Daniel moved over.

Then Brandon arrived, and we started playing. It was fun, and I got to hit things with my sword. My skirt came up in conversation a few times, but nothing too bad was said. Daniel seemed surprised that I would wear a skirt to work. It's really not that uncommon, I don't think.

So at the end of the night, as I said goodbye to everyone, Daniel made a comment about me leaving. As he'd been snide all night, I of course challenged him, and he accepted. I marched over and shoved him, not hard, because he's more breakable than a glass vase. He said we should chest bump (I'm not sure why, but, you know, boys). We did, and it's sad because my chest only reached the top bit of his stomach.

He (sorta?) walked me to the door. It was more to make a point from the game than anything else, but it was still a little weird.

So yeah. I'm definitely confused. BUT I REFUSE TO WORRY ABOUT IT TOO MUCH. Worrying produces wrinkles, you know.

UPDATE: I forgot two things this morning, mostly because I had to type this up before work and I had to leave and I was all "DON'T CARE NEED MONEY", so... yeah.

In relation to my skirt (which one coworker said "[I] wear the hell out of"), Daniel, near the end of the night, exclaimed, "There's a zipper on your butt!" Being as sarcastic as I am, I said, "Duh, it's spandex. How did you think I got it on?" As he's a boy, he assumed I just pulled it on - and that's true with other skirts, but not with spandex! It would get bunched up.

Furthermore, during dinner at Red Robin, Daniel tried to convince Patrick to get this super expensive camera - as in it starts at $25,000. Patrick said that he'd only spend that much money on a camera that mainly Daniel would use if Daniel stripped naked and posed (Patrick is gay, obviously, in case I hadn't told y'all before). Excited that it would be that easy to get what he wanted, Daniel turned to me and asked, "What could I get from you if I posed naked?" Because I have no desire to see him naked (or at least not enough to actually make it worth mentioning), I said, "Nothing."

I'm such a killjoy. :)