Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This is All I've Got Right Now, Please Accept My Apologies.

A Crack in the Table

Lancelot stabs Guinevere.

She falls.

He flees.


- The heart oozes
Red stains on gloves
Once sterile

Bits of muscle and fat
Cling to his apron -

All that is left of the girl
Reduced to so much offal

A science experiment

A project

Nothing more
Nothing less
Nothing at all

- There is no pleasure
In the cut of his scalpel
There is only curiosity
At what lays beneath the pallid complexion -

He is sorry
For her loss

He is sorry

He is


No matter the destructon he brings her
He has his Angel
To love instead

An Angel like no other
With gaping maw and dragging claws

An insatiable appetite
For misery and despair
He cannot deny that Angel
So broken
He looks well in comparison

- Another slice

Another rivulet of red

The end of a life -

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