Monday, March 26, 2012

If I Could Rip Through the Internet and Eat Their Faces, I Would.

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook might have already seen this and are tired of me harping on it, but I will NOT stop until I'm no longer viciously furious.

My friend Maren, a 14-year-old girl, posted a picture of herself to the "Most Beautiful Teen" contest. Now, Maren has always had body issues (and what girl hasn't?), and this took a lot of courage on her part. She's just started to grow into herself, and come to realize that while she'll never be a model, she's still beautiful inside and out.

Two disgusting examples of human fecal matter decided that tearing her down sounded like just their idea of a fun time. The first one, a girl, insulted Maren. When we defended her, she left after trying to prove how much better she was and failing. The second one, a boy, also insulted Maren. He didn't have the sense to abandon his stance, and got mightily chewed out.

What did they say, you ask? They called her ugly, and fat, and the rest of us stupid and blind to think that she was beautiful.

Now. Usually I ignore this sort of thing. People who act like this are never going to feel like they're in the wrong, no matter how well you argue or how many of you stand against them. However, because I've been a role model to Maren, I felt like I should say something. Besides, their atrocious behaviour honestly astounded me - that they felt they could act thusly is shameful. My mother would never tolerate such behaviour, and nor would the rest of my family and friends.

So I got involved. I called the two of them degenerate reprobates that ought to be ashamed of themselves. I told them that I pitied them for feeling the need to degrade someone they didn't even know. I said many things I probably should not have. Alas, when I'm royally pissed off, I tend to do that. My main goal is to say such awful things in the smartest, most condescending way possible that the other person feels like absolute shit and cries. I've done it before, and I don't pretend that I won't do it again.

But then I stopped and thought about the type of person I was raised to be. My mother would want me to defend my friend, but she'd also want me to take the Christian approach and not say something hateful. So I apologized for the negative things I'd said, and told the haters that I would pray for them and others like them. My hubris took a hit, but it's flourishing once more because it knows that the high road is an even better place to lord from.

If anyone who's reading this is a hateful, awful person like that, shame on you.

If anyone who's reading this is a hateful, awful person like that, I hope you learn to love yourself, and that you stop hurting so much that you feel you have no alternative but to hurt others.

I know that this post wasn't funny and that I'm sounding preachy, but I don't particularly care. If one cruel and malicious person reads this and thinks twice before ripping another person's self-esteem to shreds, then I'd feel just excellent.