Thursday, June 7, 2012

Manual Labor Isn't Fun, But Look What I Found!

Yesterday, I helped my daddy move everything around the attic and upstairs room. We carried things, and put things in boxes, and broke things apart. I found a few things that were very cool to find after all these years. Are you ready?

First: My weird purple dinosaur I named Sheldon.

Next, a little joey that came with a momma that I didn't find.

Then I found some computer games I played a lot as a kid, the best of which is "Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds". I never actually solved the case from what I can remember, so... I have to play now!

Finally, I found a sheet of paper that had been sitting in the attic for who knows how long. From the handwriting, I was probably in first grade when I wrote this story, which would make me about 6 at the time. Just for you guys, because I love you so much, I will transcribe this story and throw in my own comments. Y'all can comment too, if you want! I'm including all errors in grammar and spelling.

Elizabeth prefferred to be called Lizzie. No one, not even her parents, (only when they were mad at her) called her Elizabeth. Her house was a big victorian house. She had 5 giant maples in her backyard. In all of them, she had a tree house. All of her friends came on Saturdays to the treehouses. The treehouses are connected by bridges. They had exscape routes in every treehouse. What doesn't she have? She doesn't have a pet. She used to have a fish pond, but a cat ate the fish. So she got a bird. The bird flew away. Then she got a mouse, a guinea pig, and a ferret. They ran away. She then got a cat. It was chased away by the neighbor's dog. So she wanted a dog. "No," said her mother. "They're to expensive, and they take up to much time." "But mom," whined Lizzie. "They're

And that's it. That's as far as I went. I can vaguely recall finishing this story (Lizzie gets a dog after earning the money herself, and they go to competitions and kick ass), but it's not on this sheet of paper.

I had no concept of paragraphs, but I was six, so that's not that surprising. My vocabulary was rather impressive, though. I ALMOST grasped the concept of the parentheses, which makes me proud of my six-year-old self. That I understood that and basic comma usage is kind of hilarious when in conjunction with not knowing the difference between "to" and "too". Also, that I have a conflict ALREADY is pretty good as well. My spelling of "escape" leaves much to be desired, as does my spelling of "preferred" and "tree house". I got it right the first time, so why did I join them after that? Sigh.

All in all, I'd say that's a very sophisticated bit of writing for a six-year-old. Feel free to disagree. I'd still say that you're wrong.