Monday, June 4, 2012

The Rules of Dating and Stuffs

I actually know nothing about the rules of dating and stuffs. Nothing. I've had one boyfriend. One. We dated for two months before I broke up with him. So I know pretty much nothing about anything.

So what I really want is advice from those of you who know things.

You see, I met this really attractive male while at work on Saturday. We flirted a little when he came in with his friend, then again a little later. After I got off work, a coworker found out that I found this guy attractive. So he called him over and told him I wanted his number. Embarrassing, right?

Except I don't get embarrassed, or if I do it's only for like .5 seconds. I got the guy's number. Let's call him by his last name, Winters. We then proceeded to hang out while he and his friend Andy played pool. My friend Chelsea came over and joined us, and we all ended up playing putt-putt. (Yes, we have all of these things at the bowling alley.)

Well, my phone had fallen out of my pocket by the billiards tables. I didn't realize until after we finished putt-putt. Winters helped me look for it, getting my number and calling Lovell (my phone). We found it, and that was that. It was 2AM, so it was closing time. As we went our separate ways in the parking lot, he told me to "call that guy back", meaning him.

Krystal said I should follow the "three day rule" which means you don't text or call for three days. I don't get it. Why? If I want to talk to someone, I'll talk to them. But apparently anything before those three days makes you look desperate.

Leroy and Bobb, my coworkers who intervened that night, say I should wait a week. Try to get Winters to call me, but if he doesn't THEN I can contact him.

I did neither of those things. Today, two days after, I texted him. I don't think he remembers my name, but he does remember ME, which is fine. My name isn't the easiest to remember when it's only been said once. Anyway. We talked a little, me feeling awkward as all getout because I don't really know this guy or anything so I'm not sure what to say.

So. Should I text him again later this week, or wait for him to text me first? This guy is SERIOUSLY attractive, guys. And nice. But I'm not desperate, although I wouldn't mind a date or two. I just don't want to come across as a needy 19yo girl.

This is why I wish I had more experience with the dating world. I would know what to do and all of that. I mean, I want him to want to talk to me, but I don't want to NOT talk to him simply because I'm waiting for him to send me something first. It's all so annoyingly... deceptive. We all know I'm not good at the whole demure thing. I'd rather just straight up be like, "Hey, I think you're pretty cool, we should hang out, maybe go on a date or something." But I know that many guys like it when they have to chase the girl, and while they like it when a girl chases them, it gets old fast.

Any advice for a bewildered Hattie?