Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's Vilify Everyone Because of One Person!

I'm sure y'all have noticed that my posts more or less revolve around either writing or boys. The writing, for obvious reasons. Boys, because most of the people I deal with on a regular basis are of the male persuasion. Plus, boys are fun to talk about.

So let's discuss something that both genders do: vilifying the other gender as a whole, when you've really just had bad taste. Girls, it seems, do this the most often. A boy cheats, and all men become lying scum who want to have sex with anything that moves. However, boys also fall into the annoying stereotyping.

Recently, I met Kyle's friends from college. For those who don't remember, Kyle is my brother who isn't really my brother. His friends are pretty cool. They're funny, and seem on the smart side. I talk to them via Skype, while they all play League of Legends. That's some sort of nerd role-playing game that I really don't understand, nor do I wish to. As they play, I laugh at them when they die, and do my utmost to distract them.

One of his friends, by the name of Hunter, is extremely attractive. We did a video call on Skype once, and he was just darling. He's also extremely funny, doing funny voices and faces much like I do. Whatever character he uses for League, he makes noises/puns in association with it. Y'all know how much I like puns and clever noises.

So naturally, I am attracted to this particular male specimen. Not in a serious way, mind you. After all, I don't really know the kid! I just think that if we got to hang out for any real amount of time, I'd probably be interested in going on a date or two with him. This isn't likely, as he's at CNU for school and lives a few hours away when he's home, and I doubt my parents will approve of me driving up to CNU to hang out with a bunch of guys they don't know. Well, aside from Kyle, anyway.

In trying to find out if he might feel the same way, I've been chatting with his room mate. And apparently, Hunter has had some bad experiences in the recent past. I know nothing about it, nor do I want to hear about the details from a third party. What I DO know is that Hunter has sworn off girls for awhile.

Now, I think that's ridiculous. It's the individual girl that did the bad thing, not all girls. I think girls who do the same thing are also ridiculous. You simply had bad taste, and to push away a perfectly fine person because of what someone else did is stupid.

I can't exactly say that to him, though. His room mate might try to broach the subject when Hunter's feeling a bit loquacious, but I told him not to worry about it too much. I'd rather not waste my time and attention on someone who isn't interested. I'm sure that I could GET him interested if I wanted, but that would take lots of visits to the CNU campus, and lots of primping. No thank you. And like I said, I don't think I'd be allowed to drive up there on the regular anyway.