Monday, August 13, 2012

My Dreams Worry Me, Y'all.

They really do. Although I don't tend to have nightmares (unless I'm on medication and/or I'm ridiculously stressed about something), my dreams are often weird. And that's putting it nicely. When they aren't weird or a nightmare, they focus on some random aspect of my life (usually a person) and play with it.

The last one is what I had last night.

You see, I had a dream about Corin. I know, I know, what a blast from the past! I honestly don't even think about him any more. Well, I do when I run or drive past his house, but that's normal. And it's not even REALLY thinking about him, it's more, "Oh look, there's his house. Glad he doesn't live there now. Ooh, ooh, a bird!"


In my dream, Krystal and I were at his house. Now, this wasn't weird or unexpected; I'm friends with his little sister (who is my age), and I was helping her with some photography stuff. Not with the photography itself, but the storyline behind it. I've done this with her before, in real life.

So, we were chilling upstairs while his sister was downstairs getting something. Being us, we start singing along to The Civil Wars (an excellent duo, you really should listen to them. In fact, I'll put a link to the song we were singing). Then, Corin walks in with Juliet. They both freeze, and then Corin smiles.

I'm a bit flustered, and for obvious reasons. 1) It's Corin, whom I haven't seen in over a year. 2) I had just been singing, and I don't like it for people to hear me sing when I don't want them to. 3) I look a hot mess, what with my over-sized shorts and a tank top.

Corin starts acting like nothing's weird. Juliet looks severely uncomfortable and shoots me dark looks, which is perfectly understandable. We make small talk, and Krystal and I make a hasty exit as soon as it's no longer considered impolite. After saying goodbye to the sister, we leave.

Well, my dad is somehow outside. He thinks that I made this huge mess in their yard (which I didn't, hmph), and demands that I clean it up. Although I try to explain, he doesn't listen. So I clean it up, because it's easier to just go along with what he says.

While I'm out there, Corin comes out. He once again starts talking to me like we're old friends. I'm feeling awkward and just give perfunctory answers. Then Juliet comes outside, and all hell breaks loose.

She starts demanding to know who he thinks he is, to be talking to me like this in front of her. Accusations abound, and I pretty much just sit there on the ground watching this whole thing. I get called a bunch of fun names, but at least Corin does too.

And that's pretty much it. I know there was more to it, but I can't remember now that I'm fully awake. If I recall something later, I'll be sure to add it in.

Now, here's that song:

Enjoy that loveliness.

Savour it.

Because I think they're pretty damn close to perfection.

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