Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome to the Shallow End of the Pool

Time to face facts. Everyone is shallow.

Please stop making that indignant sound. It's undignified. Plus, it's irritating.

Thank you. Now, before you start trying to tell me how you're NOT shallow, take a second to think about what I'm saying.

Everyone is shallow.

Would you like to know why I'm making such a broad statement? Because it's true! No matter who you are, you care about what other people look like, which is the MAIN definition of shallow for most people.

We all, as humans, want to be with someone who is attractive. It's not bad; it's a biological imperative. The more attractive your mate, the more attractive your offspring, which increases your offspring's odds of reproducing, which means your genetics are passed on.

Now, before you start making that indignant sound again and say that you prefer someone who's got a great personality, let me elaborate.

I'm sure you DO prefer people with wonderful personalities. We all do. They're better to hang out with, for sure. You'll have fun, you'll feel great, blah blah blah. This is true. However. If you try to pretend that the way someone looks doesn't matter to you, you're lying to yourself. That is the worst way to lie. If you can't even tell the truth to yourself, who CAN you tell it to?

People don't all agree on who's attractive, you see. The guys I find attractive are not the same guys Krystal finds attractive, and vice versa. Sure, we can both see an attractive guy and think he's such, but we still have different preferences. Her on-again-off-again boyfriend of the past couple years isn't someone I think is attractive, but she thinks he is.

On a large scale, this means that you will always want to be with someone you find physically attractive on some level. They don't have to be THE sexiest, hottest person you've ever seen. They just have to be someone you want to look at.

Everyone seems to think that admitting this makes you a bad person. I disagree. It means that you won't bully yourself into dating someone you aren't attracted to, simply because they're a "great person". That's what friendship is for, people. No matter what anyone tells you, the physical part of a relationship is a big deal.

Besides, what makes you approach someone you've never met before? For nearly everyone, it's attractiveness. The way someone looks is what determines whether or not you will spend your time trying to get to know them. This doesn't mean that we're all going around only associating with "hot" people. It means that the way someone looks, with their facial expressions and body language, interests us.

So yeah, everyone is shallow. Get over it. If you don't think you're attractive, you don't have to put on make-up or dress a certain way. You just have to look like you're a pleasant and/or fun person to be around. Someone, somewhere, will find you beautiful. And that's what we all want, right? Someone who thinks we're  beautiful, and isn't "putting up with" your looks or lack thereof.