Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Gots Me a Boy :)

That boy I mentioned oh so briefly on the writer-type friend post is kind of the sweetest guy ever.

We went on our first date on Wednesday. It was a typical first date: dinner and a movie. He's new to this, and I figured that simple and easy would be best, because he sort of knows how to act on a normal date because of societal norms. Anyway. We went out, and it was fun. He's definitely one of the most adorable people ever. I mean, he asked when he was supposed to try to make a move! Later he asked if he were allowed to hold my hand.

The next day I went to Busch Gardens with him, a co-worker (who is one of his best friends and how we met), and one of their mutual friends. That was insanely fun, because y'all know how much I love roller coasters and the people who work at that park. Josh (that's his name. I know a lot of Joshs. Joshes? Hm.) and I held hands and he put his arm around me and it was incredibly adorable.

Then, yesterday, I'm at work for the day, which is why we couldn't hang out. So he came in, gave me an iTunes giftcard, and then produced a bouquet of daisies that were grown in coloured water so that they'd be blue, pink, or yellow.

That's the first bouquet I've ever gotten from someone outside my immediate family. Even though I hate surprises, I was very giddy over this. They're sitting on my bookshelf, and if I didn't have to leave for work in like five minutes, I would totally take a picture of them for you. I'll do that when I get home tonight.


Pretty much, the only problem is that he doesn't know how to kiss. I mean, sure, everyone can do the basic, perfunctory kiss. But it takes practice and almost training to do the type of kissing that is the most fun. I'm pretty lucky that Jackson had so much experience and could teach me very well. And that I was a natural.

Josh isn't bad. He's not great either, though. I'm not sure how to teach him, considering I've only ever kissed guys who already knew how to. It's okay, though. He's coming along rather well, considering.

So yeah. I figured this would be a nice pick-me-up after the previous bout of sadness.