Thursday, July 5, 2012

Super, as in Duper

Last night, I had a nightmare that is actually kind of an awesome story idea. This happens a lot with dreams I have.

So, here's the dream: I'm in Walmart, which is also inside my high school. I'm standing in line, debating on what colour running shorts to get. There's a choice of brown, black, blue, and green. Why I remember those colours, I have no idea. Anyway. I ask the checkout lady what she thinks, and she picks brown.

While I continue to deliberate, there's a big hubbub. A bunch of people with superpowers attack the store/school. Everyone's running away, and I grab a pair of the blue shorts, along with an 8-piece Chick-fil-A nuggets meal with the brand sauce. Don't ask why that's suddenly in the Walmart. I don't know.

Well, apparently the Walmart workers are upset when you steal from them, even during an invasion. I ignore the people trying to stop me and run out of the school/store. It's dark and rainy and everyone's screaming. The superpower people are destroying everything and trying to kill as many people as possible. It's chaos.

I somehow make it to the car, which is my mother's PT Cruiser instead of my little Mazda. My friend Katie is now with me (hi, Katie!), and we drive to my house. There, my aunt is there along with my parents. My mother is trying to cook chicken, even though the power is out and the superpower people are bound to come in and kill us all.

As I rather like living, I go back to my room and change into my running gear. Then, after eating my Chick-fil-A, I fill a backpack with some supplies and say goodbye. I'm not getting killed all because they don't understand that we're sitting ducks.

So now I'm running down this trail that I run down every other day in real life. Remember how it's all dark and rainy? Yeah. That's kind of scary running weather when you're trying to escape from mutant freaks. Well, as predicted, one of the superpower people has super speed. He catches up to me.

And that's when I wake up. Bummer, huh? I want to know what happened!

This morning, after picking up pine cones and washing my work pants, I looked up some superpowers. I'm going to turn this into a story. Yeah, yeah, I know, I have too many stories as it is. Shush. Look at this list of superpowers I found on Wikipedia! I only wrote down the ones I liked and thought might work in the story.

Acid Generation
Animal Mimicry/Shape-shifting
Pheromone Manipulation
Animated Hair
Sonic Scream
Astral Projection
Psionic Blast
Reality Warping
Force Field
Inorganic/Substance Mimicry

Any suggestions for cool superpowers would be appreciated. Most of my superpower people are going to have multiple abilities, because having one superpower person for each one would be a LOT of them, which isn't fair for my protag.

In other news, Slytherin won the House Cup on Pottermore! Yay!