Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oh, Look, I'm Back

It's past noon on Christmas Day, and I still haven't opened any presents. This is what happens when you stay up past 4 AM talking to someone who really should have better sense and tell you to shut up and go to bed because you've been awake since 6 AM the previous day.

My parents went to breakfast with aunt and uncle, you see, leaving me home alone with a bunch of presents I WANT TO OPEN SO MUCH but that I refuse to even look at so as not to tempt me further.

Okay. That's like the fourth time that's happened. My phone goes off, I go to open the message, it's either a picture message or a mass Merry Christmas text, and my phone will deduct the minute required to open it, then say, "Network is unavailable" or "System locked". What the hell? WHO KEEPS SENDING ME STUFF? I don't like mass texts. I don't like picture texts, unless they're of something awesome.


It's really difficult to update when everything that's happened to you is something YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT, for some reason or other.

What I can talk about:

I'm going to Disney World in two weeks! Well, actually, in exactly two weeks, it will be the last day of my trip to Disney World. But STILL. I'm so excited! I've never been before, and I plan on doing everything.

You see, I'm going with my best friends Carter and Krystal. We're going to share a room at a resort hotel, and Carter has our whole itinerary planned out. He goes to Disney World like every year, so he knows all the best stuff to do. This is the biggest thing we've done as a group.

The only part that sucks is that our other best friend, Emily, won't be going.

I mean, the four of us were pretty much inseparable throughout high school. We had our fights and issues and stuff, but we always forgave each other and went back to normal very quickly. But, ever since we went to college and Emily joined a sorority, she's been getting more and more distant.

Last year, our freshman year of college, she didn't really talk to us or keep in touch. When we all got together for break, it took a lot of work on my, Krystal's, and Carter's end to make it happen. SHE used to be the one planning all of our visits and outings. And when we did get together, she didn't seem particularly happy or interested in being there.

This year, I haven't heard from her pretty much at all. I've tried texting her, sending her messages on Facebook, but... nothing. She'll give perfunctory answers to my questions, but won't start any real conversations. When we told her about Disney World, which we'd all been planning on doing since junior year of high school, she said she wouldn't be able to go, no matter what dates we picked.

It's just.

I always thought that Krystal would be the one to drift off, because she's forgetful and gets wrapped up in her stuff very easily. I thought Emily would be the one making sure we all stayed together. But it's the opposite.

For someone who rarely ever misses people (even as a kid, when my momma would ask if I missed her after I had been away at camp or whatever, I would say no), I really miss Emily. She's been there for me through a lot, and I've been there for her. I guess, really, I'm just worried about her.

Oh well.

Wow, that was sort of depressing. Sorry.

Here, to cheer you all up: