Friday, December 28, 2012

You're Getting A Present Today. Be Grateful.

I don't feel like doing an actual post, because there's too much I can't divulge as of yet and I don't really have the time anyway. So I bring you a treat instead!

Here are some of my first poems, when I started writing decent poetry about 2 years ago.

(I, You, We) Have Reduced Life to Words

All to nothing
Nothing to something
And back again.

                                      Goes on to something
                                      Races to nothing
                                      And back again.

                   Meaning nothing
                   Encapsulating everything
                   And sometimes exposing

Nearer to the End

Isn't something I wear
Very well.
                        It chafes
                        It itches
                        It inflames.
With this in mind
I need to pull away now
Before things become even more
Out of hand.
                                    You do not deserve me.
                        Your feelings are not strong.
            You do not understand
                        Your own motivations.
So before I become
                        I will run
                        I will hide
            But I will

Optimism vs. Pessimism

He will come back.
It's nothing;
Just him trying to protect
Himself and you.
I'm dying,
Of course he's not coming back.
There's something wrong
With you and your soul
So stop being so sentimental.
Don't listen to that.
You know you're amazing,
And he does too.
Or he should.
And no one knows.
Don't listen to that.
How many times have you been hurt?
You know the truth
That he doesn't actually care.
Stop lying to her.
By everything I had hoped (feared),
Only if you do.
Here in the corner
I'm not lying
You are.
As I'm torn
That is a deliberate untruth.
Side to side
You're only making her
Feel even worse.
Until nothing is left.
You're only going to make her
Feel even worse later.