Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This Post Isn't About You, Don't Worry.

As SOMEBODY is a little bothered by the fact that I talk about him so much, I figured I would change up the theme for today. (Yes, I'm looking at you. Be ashamed. You should be flattered that I find discussing you more interesting than work, or school.)

I'm kind of getting irritated with the school counsellors. They haven't returned my emails, and I really don't have any time to drive up to the campus before or after work. Considering the offices are only open WHILE I'M AT WORK. How irritating.

I just want to get my major switched so that I can know what classes to take for next semester, as I was supposed to sign up for them A MONTH AGO.

Tidewater Community College creates so much rage in me, you guys. You don't even know. I JUST WANT TO WRITE AND EDIT, YOU GUYS. WHY IS THIS SO HARD?

In other news, I nailed down the major plots for a 12 book series I've been letting percolate for a while now. Work gets so boring that if I happen to forget a book, I get some scrap paper and either doodle or write. Those two poems I wrote, were written on the front of an envelope and three sticky notes.

(Yes, they were about you, now get over it. My poems are extreme exaggerations of any emotions I'm feeling, so it's not that serious. Writing helps me move on from things, and you know what? Krystal is raging at you right now. She just said, "I want to beat him in the head with a bat made of metal with spikes on it." Her rage is gratuitous, yes, but hilarious as well.)

YOU KNOW WHAT? Screw this. I will blog about what I want to blog about, and people will get over it.

I wish Daniel would just TALK to me HIMSELF about all of this instead of going to mutual friends. I wish that he didn't think I'm some dandelion of a girl that can't handle whatever he's going to say that might "hurt [my] feelings."

I also wish that certain friends (and there are more than one) didn't act like they know everything and I'm simply overreacting. If OTHER PEOPLE didn't postulate the theory that he liked me, and not when I've brought it up or anything, it probably wouldn't matter so much. But they have, and so I'm stuck here confused and bewildered.

It's midnight. I'm going to bed now.

UPDATE: In case y'all couldn't tell, I'm a little frustrated. It made my sarcastic side come out. But my points are still valid, at least to me.

You remember how I said I wasn't going to fret over this? Looks like it's harder said than done when other people bring it up after I've already vented on here. CONSOLE ME, ANNA KARENINA, WITH YOUR AWESOME LANGUAGE AND FOREIGN IDEAS. And if Anna Karenina can't, I guess I'll be moving on to a new book.