Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The X Ambassadors are Fantasmorical

It's true.

The concert last night was phenomenal.

Krystal and I got to Norfolk with time to spare, so we went to Jimmy John's and grabbed some dinner. When we got back to Night of the Iguana, it was almost impossible to find a parking space, but finally we did. Then it was time to stand in line, because the doors opened at 5:00, and it was about 4:50.

Well now. Long story short, the doors didn't open until maybe 5:50. And in that hour time frame, it rained. And rained. And rained. Everyone in line ended up becoming pretty good friends as we huddled together. Although I'm not going to lie, I was really happy about the rain, at least until the wind kicked in and it got cold.

While we waited, some people from 96X, the radio stations hosting the concert, gave out Monster energy drinks. Not a good idea for me, in the slightest. I'm hyper enough as it is. Give me caffeine and BAM. I am gone.

When we finally got in, Krystal and I headed for the bathroom to throw away our cans and make sure our make-up hadn't run. There, every girl was telling each other that they looked fantastic, and rain really was their style, and it was all very chummy and nice.

Then, it was time to wait for the band to come onto the stage. Krystal and I stood in front of the stage, stage right. We were right by two speakers and we had no plans to ever hear again. When the band came on, the guitarist stood directly in front of us, so close I could have touched him.

They thanked everyone for being so patient in the rain, and made a few jokes about being wet. And then: it began.

Honestly, they are one of the best bands I've seen perform. The guitarist had a broken pinky, and he still played perfectly. Their keyboardist is blind. It was just... awe-inspiring.

After the concert, a couple girls we had stood behind in line and next to by the stage snagged a couple of the drumsticks the lead singer had used. I saw the ones the drummer had been using, and was tempted to climb onto the stage to grab them. Before I could, though, he came back onto the stage and was picking up his tambourine. I got his attention and asked for a drumstick. He laughed, said yes, and handed it to me. Krystal got him to grab her the last one.

The whole band signed my drumstick, and also the little sheet of paper that had their album cover on it. They were such gentlemen off stage (because on stage they were sex machines, no lie). When complimented, they sounded so sincere with their thanks.

I cannot wait until they come back to the area.