Sunday, September 18, 2011

Advice on Being a Homewrecker

It seems as though many people have differing opinions on the Corin debacle. As a girl who loves listening to advice for the sole purpose of not taking it, this is providing great fun. I thought that perhaps some of you might like to hear these opinions, as some of them are rather ridiculous.

Giant Adult: You're a homewrecker. And he's a dog. Don't kid yourself on that. He'd do the same thing to you. And obviously he doesn't really care all that much about you, as he hasn't told her anything, and he won't be with you. You should tell her what's going on, and see what she says.

Krystal: This is hilarious. You're a homewrecker. I'm going to look up the definition of a date, because you two totally went on one. Seriously, though, he needs to figure stuff out.

Brother: Wow. You really know how to pick 'em, don't you?

Almost Boyfriend: You should make out with him. It's not wrong, really. You should also pursue him. Why deny yourself what you want?

Mother: Just stay away from all this stuff. It can only end badly for most involved.

Corin: Let's not label this.

Drama Friend: Aww, you two are so cute. I wish he didn't have a girlfriend.

Me: Uhm... I'm kind of hungry. And I want to know if it's possible to mate a unicorn and a griffon. That thing would be DANGEROUS.

Obviously I don't really care about any of this, beyond the occasional snicker at the the sillier statements. The adults give the most intelligent advice, which I shall promptly ignore. I've no desire to become rational.